Here at scrap car collection in croydon we collect your car for scrap free of charge anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Croydon. We are specialised scrap car breakers, located in Croydon and  officially licensed by the environment agency to collect and tow away old cars from scrap.

We offer a free service scrap car collection in croydon  within a 10mile radius of Croydon which means that if your car breaks down or fails its MOT you need not pay a penny when you need to dispose of your car. After operating our scrap car collection service in Croydon for over two decades, we have managed to build up a reputation for both rapid response and punctuality. We can be with you to take away your vehicle for scrap at short notice and we always arrive when we say we will!

Scrap My Car In Croydon

If you live in and around the Croydon area or within a 10 mile radius and want to dispose of your car or van for scrap, we offer a free scrap car collection service in croydon.  We’ve been serving Croydon for scrap car and van collections for a number of years.

As a part of our service, when you choose us to scrap a car or van in Croydon, we will arrange to collect your vehicle for scrap at a time to suit you. We will collect any scrap vehicle within a 10 mile radius of Croyden FREE of charge.

Fast collection of cars for scrap in Croydon and surrounding areas

Here at Scrap Croydon, we operate around the clock to deliver a fast and efficient scrap car pick up service. We will collect your car for scrap at a time to suit you! To book a collection of your scrap car Call us today  on  0800 043 5100

Free Collection of Scrap Cars for Cash in Croydon

Scrap Car Croydon – The company you can trust!

Whilst there are many other, unethical, scrap car breakers who may sell on your car, our scrap car collection service in Croydon will ensure that your car is recycled with care and in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

In many of these cases our competitors will not see it fit to inform the DVLA of any change of ownership, which can lead to major problems including, speed tickets, parking fines as well as more serious crimes such as involvement in criminal activity! So you need to be sure that your car will be scrapped responsively. With Scrap Car London you can rest assured that everything is strictly ‘above board’ and when we do collect your scrap car the DVLA will be informed that you are no longer the owner as the earliest convenience. Rest easy with us and have peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals! We do scrap car or van collections throughout Croydon and we cover a 10 mile radius for scrap car collections from London down to Brighton, and can guarantee that the service you receive will be totally efficient, hassle free and will dispose of your unwanted car or van fast!

Although our scrap car pickup service is located in Croydon, we are willing to collect throughout the South, from London down to Brighton, and will guarantee that the service you receive will be completely efficient, hassle free and we will dispose of your scrap appropriately.

Step 01

Phone us to arrange a time for the collection of your old scrap car and provide us with the most information about the car you can that way we will be able to evaluate the vehicle and see if you qualify for any payments.

Step 02

We collect the car and the logbook at the specified time. If it’s more convenient for you, you can send us the logbook prior to the collection date. If you don’t have the logbook for the vehicle we will still be able to help you.

Step 03

You will receive an intent of destruction certificate from Scrap London. You will also receive  section 9 of the vehicle’s logbook back.

Sell/Scrap My Car

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Scrap Car Collection In Croydon
Cash paid!
We also guarantee that if your scrap car is of any value we will make you a cash offer for your scrap car, and the good thing with Scrap Car London is that you can rest assured that we will offer you the best prices around for your scrap vehicle. Call today – 0800 043 5100!